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Carel Woodworks

Premium furniture with an innovative design.


Carel Woodworks was born from the desire to transform natural elements into pieces of furniture that will last for generations.


We understand our past very well and know what woodcraft means, but at the same time we look to the future and come before you with a minimalist, innovative and elegant design.


We distinguish ourselves by the naturalness of our products and we always strive to bring out the true beauty of the raw material we process.


Our brand represents a combination of the brutal with the Romanian folklore.

For this reason we choose to give life to honest, raw products that follow a simple geometry, but are at the same time functional.

Carel Woodworks has managed to go back to its origins, to conceptually shape elements from nature and reshape them in a distinctive style using premium, elevated materials, while still maintaining our tradition.


Our collections are iconic and appealing through the brutality of the concept and the delicacy of the details.


We represent a democratic design with a strong personality that reconciles the aesthetic and the functional.


Through the contrast between shapes we push the limits of classically understood furniture and make room for designers' imagination to build a modern and comfortable space that evokes feelings of warmth.


Thanks to our expertise and excellent service, Carel Woodworks products have reached all over the world.


From restaurant, café, hotel to residential and commercial or office projects, the Carel Woodworks team has delivered quality and professionalism to every project.


Being present at the most important international exhibitions since 2016, we have built a network of designers, architects and collaborators through which we always bring the best results.


Currently on new collections with designers from 4 different countries who have understood the philosophy of Carel Woodworks and put their stamp on the already established

style of our brand.

Each piece of Carel Woodworks brand furniture requires countless hours of work by the most talented carpenters in the wood industry.


All the furniture that arrives in your homes, offices or restaurants is processed by hand at our modern factory in Transylvania.


We say that here in Satu Mare, wood craftsmanship is harmonized with modern technology and premium design.


For us, the oak table means the magical feeling of eating with loved ones, and the wooden chair is the emotion of relief and reflection at the end of a busy day.


We don't produce furniture, we create unforgettable feelings for our customers.


Behind the Curtain

We invite you to have a look inside our factory to learn more about our creation process and the attention given to every product that leaves our doors.

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